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Shortwave / Weather Fax
SSB Receiver

Si-Tex NavFax 200 SSB Reciever

No license needed! Now you can receive weatherfax, telex, satellite weather images, amateur radio, and global news --without the expense and licensing requirements of a single sideband transceiver (SSB). This SiTex receiver-only covers the entire 30 kHz to 30 mHz range. Listen to it like a radio, or connect it to your notebook or PC. The PC HF Facsimile software below (and many other programs as well) comes with the cable and demodulator that plug right into your PC, so you can capture and print all kinds of communications. Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

The NAV-FAX 200 includes a data interface port, cable and software for viewing and printing weather fax images and data.
  • tune to international, commercial and amateur frequencies, including the BBC, Radio Moscow and China Radio International
  • Monitor ham radio
  • Crystal controlled, fully synthesized receiver circuitry with 1 microvolt sensitivity
  • Large flywheel-balanced knob with four-level variable tuning rate allows quick and easy tuning and band selection
  • Large front panel LCD displays frequency and signal strength
  • Immediate memory store and recall for one frequency, also selects programmed channel for power up
  • Three inch, voice optimized, top-mounted speaker, driven by two watts of audio output
  • Long-wire antenna included, optional active antenna available for best performance
  • PC requirements: Minimum system requirements: W95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 100, 24 MB, Mouse, and sound card. Nav-Fax 200 DOS software includes WEFAX and RTTY programs
  • Dimensions/Weight: 2.5" H 7.25" W x 7.5" D / 2 lbs.

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    Si Tex Nav Fax 200 Single Side Band Reciever
    #ECR200 List Price $549.00Only $495.00
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    Radio Communications
    Radio Communications

    VHF Radios, Antennas, Single Side Band (SSB), Pactor Modems

    Si-Tex Nav-Fax 200 & WeatherFax 2000 for Windows
    Si-Tex Nav-Fax 200 & WeatherFax 2000 for Windows

    Two great products, one low price!