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Starpath Chart Trainer

the enhanced electronic version of Chart No.1...

Starpath #1814 ISBN #0914025066
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Symbols, conventions, and terminology of nautical charts are clearly explained in Starpath Chart Trainer Version 3 with notes, graphics, photos, animations, and video. The ideal companion to any navigation course.

Chart No. 1 is the name used by most nations for their official paper booklet compilation of nautical chart symbols and abbreviations. This CD is a much enhanced electronic version of this important information, applicable worldwide for all nautical charts, plus many more features to aid in nautical chart reading.

This product can be used by mariners new to navigation as a way to learn nautical chart reading, or it can be used by seasoned mariners as they would the paper version of Chart No. 1 to look up rare or special symbols or conventions Starpath Chart Trainerit is just much easier to use this electronic version as it includes text name or category searching plus a unique graphic search function that helps you find in the book what you see on the chart.

Features include
  • Large, easy-to-read symbols
  • Practical explanations by experienced navigators
  • Unique graphic search function
  • Animations of lighthouse light patterns
  • Annotated photos of buoys and other charted features
  • Use with electronic or paper charts
  • Live internet links to navigation resources
  • Glossary of international charting terms
  • Video tutorial on chart plotting

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    Starpath Chart Trainer v3
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