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The Essential Knot
Book for Boats

Knots - Bends - Hitches - Whipping - Splices

by Colin Jarman

The Essential Knot Book is the must-have knot tying guide for any boat owner, scout, or nautical craft person. With its handy pocket size, it lets you see and understand at a glance what knots you need and how to tie them. Colin Jarman's straightforward text and vibrant photographs make this a very user-friendly book—ideal for boat owners, crew, scouts and new boating enthusiasts.

With more than 100,000 copies sold, The Essential Knot Book is one of the most successful nautical knot books ever published Now includes QR codes linking you to knot-tying videos online Each knot is displayed on one-page or a double-page spread with explanatory text plus instructive color diagram on how to tie the knot, augmented with a vivid color photo showing the knot in use Compact and succinct—all you need to learn the basic knots, bends, hitches, whippings, and splices Timeless subject—no app or technology can ever replace the need for knots on a boat! Softcover. Pub 2013.

The Essential Knot Book - 4th Ed.
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