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ISAF Offshore
Special Regulations
Governing Offshore
Racing for Monohulls
& Multihulls

US SAILING #: 51037
2014 - 2015
Including US SAILING Prescriptions
US Edition

(formerly Safety Recommendations for Offshore Sailing)

International Sailing Federation Special Regs 2014 - 2015 lists everything ISAF and the ORC recommend as minimum requirements for racing offshore. This is the safety bible for blue water boat preparation. Safety recommendations regarding equipment, yacht design, and crew overboard recovery, among many other details such as structural features, accommodations, general, navigational, emergency and safety equipment for various categories of offshore races. In addition, it outlines ways to optimize the vessel/crew partnership regardless of whether your sailing plans involve inshore events, an offshore race or a transoceanic cruise. If you are racing to Bermuda, Mackinac Island or Hawaii, you will want this one. It's also indispensable to designers and boat builders who are intent upon delivering vessels capable of coping with the changing moods of the ocean.

Includes US SAILING Multihull Regulations, instructions for the QUICKSTOP Man-overboard recovery maneuver and use of the LIFESLING recovery device.

Required reference for compliance with Category 0, 1, 2, 3, & 4 race requirements. Also a good guide to what the cruiser should have for serious offshore sailing. Paperback, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 139 pgs.


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