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Cruising Guide to
the Hudson River,
Lake Champlain, &
the St. Lawrence River

The Waterway from New York City to Montreal and Quebec City
  • Hudson River
  • Champlain Canal
  • Lake Champlain
  • Richelieu River
  • Chambly Canal
  • St. Lawrence River

  • by Alan and Susan McKibben

    This guide contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the historic and spectacular inland waterway from New York City to Montreal and Quebec City. Extensive information is provided on marinas, anchorages, distances, navigation, emergency contacts, attractions, and history for the Hudson River, the Champlain Canal, Lake Champlain, the Richelieu River, the Chambly Canal, and the St. Lawrence River one world's the most scenic and intriguing waterways.

    Written by experienced cruisers, this guide contains over 400 photographs of landmarks, marinas, and navigation references; chartlets of key harbors; distance tables; rivermile and canalmile distance measurements; marina comparison tables; detailed marina facilities information; anchorage recommendations; canal and lock procedures, schedules, and fees; navigation tips; U.S.-Canada boundary crossing regulations; provisioning and dining advice, and suggestions for excursions ashore. Separate sections provide an added focus on history, first aid, boating safety laws, Coast Guard, boating skills, tides and current, communications, holding tank regulations, weather, geology, wildlife, and even a English-French dictionary.

    This new edition, in addition to containing extensive updates, has been further revised by the inclusion of more information and changes to make it easier to use. The major addition is the coverage of the St. Lawrence River from Sorel at the junction of the Richelieu River to Quebec City. This scenic and challenging waterway offers boaters the opportunity and encouragement to explore North America's most historic waterway and to enjoy the heartland of the Province of Quebec. A second major change has been to change the sequence of the narrative so that the entire guide from New York City to the St. Lawrence is organized in a south to north orientation. Other additions include "Skipper's Notes" navigation tips, a recommended restaurants list, summaries of the Erie Canal and the St. Lawrence Seaway, the distance from each marina to a hospital and the availability of ambulance service, internet/www addresses, and more detailed information on parks, camping, and boat-launching ramps. Softcover. Spiral bound. 256 pgs, 400+ photographs. 8 1/2" x 11". Pub 2014.

    Cruising Guide to the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, & the St. Lawrence River - 8th Ed.
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