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A Cruising Guide

by Nigel Calder

Cuba is the one last destination in the Caribbean that remains largely unexplored by cruising sailors. Many are surprised to learn that the gunboats are gone and the welcome mat is out -- by both the Cuban government and its people. It is perfectly legal for U.S. citizens to go to Cuba; they just can't spend any money there. Until now, the only real hindrance to sailors has been availability of a good guide. With this book, that problem is solved completely.

This is an epic work by a scrupulously accurate writer. The sketch maps number in the hundreds, and their detail is stunning. The text is a coast pilot and tour guide rolled into one. If the idea of cruising in Cuba has ever crossed your mind, take it to the next step with Nigel's book. Paperbound, 8 " x 11", 264 pgs. 1999 Pub.


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Caribbean Sea

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